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Vibewire is a jungle gym that trains young people to make the 2030 future. Whether you’re an artist, freelancer, working in a startup or a corporate you’ve noticed the world is changing rapidly around us.

We’re backing young people as the future makers driving this change. We know to get things right, you usually need to get it wrong first. In the results driven world of business and study, you’re often marked against your abilities. There’s not always a space and community where you can experiment and learn, fail safe and push boundaries.

That’s what we’re all about – exercising your brain through an intensive program with real project briefs, expert coaches and our inspiring members. Our 2030 jungle gym sessions are sweat guaranteed so be ready to hit the ground running, metaphorically of course!

Jungle Gym

To set you up to enterprise, our jungle gym has a razor sharp focus on the 2030 skill set. Vigirous research makes clear that these 8 skills are the new basics:

Complex problem solving


Financial fluency



Digital fluency

Critical thinking

Presentation skills


We’ve mapped across the 2030 skills to our 4 different junglegym sessions to ensure we’ve got you covered on all fronts.

Startup Sundays

2030 SKILLS:
problem solving + critical thinking + creativity

Bring your concept – we’ll help you with your business plan, help you find a co-founder, pair you up with a coach.

Series of deepdive skills hands on workshops e.g. branding, distribution, pricing, networking, design

Dollar Dollar Bill

2030 SKILLS: financial literacy + critical thinking + problem solving

Want to retire when you’re 35? well, what are you doing about it right now? Practical workshops ranging from putting together new commercial strategy for an existing business to understanding different ways you can invest.

We may give you a real business case challenge or simply get you to work out how much super you have.


2030 SKILLS: creativity + teamwork + digital literacy

You don’t just have to be a developer to go to a Hackathon!

Every session we’ll have new small-briefs to hack whether they’re from real clients or we’ve created one – in a team, you may be building a new kids game to putting together a new branding strategy for a mining company.

Soapbox Club

2030 SKILLS: presentation skills + communication + teamwork + creativity

60 minute improvisation public speaking workshops.

Think Toastmasters meets NIDA – we’ll have a series of on your feet exercises to help you present, pitch, debate and negotiate through your business, work and life.

Common Room


As a part of our COMMON ROOM membership, you’ll have access to our co-working space. We have equipment and open spaces for you to run your project, business, hackathon or client workshop – dream it!

We have working capacity of up to 50 people so please submit a 2-minute application and we’ll let you know if you’re the right fit.

What we’ve got:

24/7 Access



Meeting/workshop spaces

Event Space

Talent community

We also do space hire for organisations – check out our booking site for availability and rates. All are welcome to hang with us at our regular open drinks night: Young Entrepreneur meetup group

Wanna join our community? We’ve got 3 different of memberships



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